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Playing the guitar starts and ends with knowing how to play your guitar chords correctly. Chords are simply playing more than one note at a time, and a song can be made up of 3 or 4 chords only, or multiple chords.

Here at John Robson Guitar Tuition you will learn all of the chords you will need to play the kind of guitar music that you like to play. From basic guitar chords for beginners to the more advanced ones for the accomplished guitarist you will learn how to apply them for a wide range of styles - whatever it is you want to play, John Robson will provide the exact tuition you need.

Learning guitar chords starts with a chart for you to follow, basic through to more complex. You can download our FREE chord chart here:

MS Word Version | PDF Version

So how long will it take before you have learned enough to play a song on your guitar? Well, it does depend upon your level of experience and how much you practice of course, but John can get even a brand new beginner up and playing simple tunes in as little as 2 to 3 lessons. Check out John's guitar wizardry on our videos page to see how you could be playing with the help of his expert tuition.

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