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Have you always wanted to play like a certain musician? To emulate the greats like Jimi Hendrix, Mark Knopfler or Carlos Santana?

Or maybe you really want to play a certain guitar style?

John Robson Guitar Tuition can teach you any style you want for both acoustic and electric guitars, from rock and metal, blues and jazz, to funk and finger-picking country. Some guitar teachers do not let the student tell them what they want to learn - but John Robson breaks that mould. He will not only teach you the best ways to master the electric and acoustic guitar, he will help you to play the kind of music you like - not what he likes.

With his years of experience in playing and teaching guitar, John has mastered just about all of the guitar playing styles there are to learn. His patient and diligent teaching methods will ensure that you too can master the styles you want, and help you improve as you go and learn even more about getting fulfilment from your guitar playing.

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