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One great way to visualise how to play the guitar or improve your current way of playing is by watching videos. There are a couple of video links below which will be added to very soon. They really highlight the ability and excellent guitar skills that you will have access to through your lessons with John - and that you too can achieve through top quality tuition and lots of practice!

Modal Scales

John is often asked by advanced students about the use of modal scales and so here is an introduction to the topic for all aspiring guitarists.


Beginners Lesson

Here John teaches absolute beginners how to play 3 main chords and use them to play a classic song...

New Videos for 2017...

This Great Land - a tribute to my Teesside home

5 Reasons Why I Love The Telecaster

Which is the best guitar for a beginner? Find out here!

For Those We've Lost

Older Videos...

The "Charity Shop" guitar

How to fit new strings

Need a Les Paul, but don't have "Les Paul" money? Check out this review!

Dog House Boogie - a little bit of blues to brighten your day!

Van Halen style fingertapping

Need a good acoustic guitar without spending a fortune? Check out this review!

Some More Examples of John's Work:

Belfast Blue - A tibute to Gary Moore

Salamander Tap - John's Charity Single for the Teesside Steel Appeal

Ruling the neck with the Pentatonic Scale

John will be introducing a library of guitar tutorial videos including a range of FREE guitar video lessons in the coming months. If you want to be kept informed of when these are available just email John and let him know - he is always delighted to help a fellow guitarist!

Contact John today on 07949 701218 or by email.

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